At No Hands No Excuses the goal is to make sure there’s one thing in every day worth being awake for, what was yours today? It’s about more than a business idea, it’s an attitude towards life, and to the way every job is approached. What started in 2017 as a way to tell my story of health, recovery, and making the most of life, has grown into an opportunity for me to use my skills to tell other people’s stories. Through the lens of a camera, on the ground, in the air, standing still or moving at speed. Take a look through the gallery of photography and videography stories, then let’s talk about what you want to tell the world.

Name : Humphrey Hanley
Phone : +64 21678386
Email : nohandsnoexcuses@gmail.com
Service : Professional Video Services
SNS : Facebook, Instagram, YouTube


No Hands No Excuses – it’s the umbrella under which many things are possible, and the following examples of services, are just that – examples. If you’ve seen the work and have an idea you’d like to talk about that’s not listed below, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Great things can start with a conversation.

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    Buildings, babies, pets, events, portfolio and headshots, products and services, real estate, gigs, family portraits at home - quotes can be arranged for almost anything you’d like. Starting at $50 per hour for the shoot, then pricing for final curated and edited images to be determined by format (digital or print) and number required.

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    Using a range of tools and cameras, every video job is very unique, and as such difficult to provide generic pricing for. NHNE will work with you to plan, script, shoot, and edit the right video to match the story you want to tell, and the way you want to be seen. That means we can create a short social media video, designed to be viewed on a phone, the way most of us get our Facebook and Instagram updates, a more in-depth video intended for YouTube or a website, perhaps even an educational or informative video as part of a display or installation. Get in touch and let’s talk about the story you want to tell.

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    No Hands No Excuses is able to provide a very different look at the world around us, by taking to the air and using a drone to capture breath taking scenery. NHNE has used drones to capture stunning views for promotional videos, aerial tracking shots for product marketing, 360° flights around construction sites and real estate, even for simply providing the owner of a commercial building with a view of their rooftop to determine access and assess potential damage.

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    Having spent many years as an Ambassador for DEBRA New Zealand, the charity for people with the skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB – the reason for the ‘no hands’ part of No Hands No Excuses) Humphrey has spoken around the world at conferences and lectures about living with the worst disease you’ve never heard of. While not strictly motivational speaking, his ability to talk about making the most of life, and not letting EB hold him back, is just the sort of inspiration most people need to hear at least once. After all, life isn’t about should you or shouldn’t you do something because of EB, it’s about saying “I have EB, now HOW am I going to do that?” there’s always a way. He’s making sure there’s one thing in every day worth being awake for – your one thing today might be hearing how he does that! If you’d like to talk about having him speak at your next event, get in touch!


There really is no job too big or too small, it’s all about working with the right people. NHNE works primarily in the Wellington region, creating photo and video marketing content for social media and the web. Through strong networks with other content creators we have a unique ability to take on a diverse range of clients. From large scale events, to local businesses. From Non-Profit Organisations, to corporate clients. Take a look at the gallery to see examples of previous photo and video work, both personal and professional and check the range of services listed below.


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